LesterFlorida is a perfect place for vacation. With the sun and the beaches, it is the perfect getaway with your family. Many people choose to stay in private properties rather than hotels during holidays so that they can have some quiet moments by themselves. We are here to provide services to these visitors. We are a Properties complex in Florida close to the ocean. We offer renting facilities for people who come here for vacation or other purposes.

Our complexes are of very high standards. The rooms have contemporary styles with all the modern facilities installed. The bathrooms have spa services. The rooms have large windows letting you view the lovely beach in front of you. You will find all the facilities needed. There are swimming pools, indoor games facilities, recreation centers and much more. We also offer shared accommodation facility.

If you love beaches and looking to spend some relaxed time in front of the beach, then rent one of our properties. Call us to know the details of the rooms and tariffs.